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Why eat Rawclates?

“Delicious chocolate without all the junk in it!” –Hadara of Rawclates

Chocolate is healthy for your Brain. Feels good. Full of antioxidants. Releases endorphins.


Detox Program

FREE 21 day Purification Workshop Wednesday

1:00 pm, January 27, 2016

Not a good time? Call to arrange alternate session times at your place!
RSVP to have light dinner provided

Detoxifies the body, feeding the nutrition it needs.
There are lots of foods to eat with no limit to the quantity of these foods.

Included with the program: Discounted vitamins for the New Year.
Body Mass Index, Body Fat % and other measurements. Fun meetings with Dr. Aaron and Ms. Verhoff.
Videos and slides to learn the body and to cover weekly goals. Chat time to gain the support of others completing the program with you.
We donate a percentage to

Chiropractic Physician & Acupuncture, Dr. Paul Aaron, D.C.

Nutritionist Veronica Verhoff, MPH, RD, LDN (Holistic Registered Dietician) Space is limited!

Register Now: 919-241-5032 or


woman holding heart

Love Is In the Air!

Couples Massage Special

Share a romantic session with your someone special today!

$120 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes

Massage Therapists Amy Carabetta & Vickie Batts
Phone: 919-288-9844
401 Meadowlands Dr.
Ste 101 Hillsborough
(near Sportsplex)