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July 4th Special
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*Parent and Child Yoga Class*

A parent and child Yoga class. Please let me know if you are interested so that we can see if there is enough interest.

I had a recent request to start a class and would love to do that as I love to work with children as well as parents.

I started teaching yoga in 1971. Children’s yoga was always an interest of mine. I also see many children in my chiropractic practice, teaching some yoga to all patients as well and in particular teaching the parents so they
know to help the child.



A chiropractic or acupuncture visit and a $10 dollar gift certificate to the first 10 who purchase this marvelous tool, now at only $139. Not an e cigarette. This approach has been 100% successful for my patients so far.

Rien Pipe


Electronic Healing Wraps

Did you sprain your ankle (your shoulder or your back) playing basketball with your son or daughter? Dr. Aaron has a friend who injured her wrist, she discovered a wrist wrap that gave her a great deal of relief.

Health Center of Hillsborough can now supply you with these premier electronic healing wraps for each joint in your body including the spine, at a price less than Amazon!

Call now to speak with Dr. Aaron to see if the Health Center of Hillsborough can help you. (919) 241-5032


Why Eat Rawclates?

“Delicious chocolate without all the junk in it!” –Hadara of Rawclates

Chocolate is healthy for your Brain. Feels good. Full of antioxidants. Releases endorphins.

Standard Process Purification Shake

“Purification is also available non-dairy, Made from rice protein”

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