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LaVonda Walton, Reflexologist

Lavonda Walton, Health Center of Hillsborough ReflexologistEducation and Training

LaVonda graduated from the Focus on Healing Institute in Washington, D.C. as a qualified reflexologist. She continued her education by becoming a Level 1 Reiki practitioner in 2010. Additionally, she completed the “Touch the Heart” series at the Potomac Massage Training. In this series, she learned about anatomy and the hands-on techniques that can be used on specific areas of the body. Emphasis is placed on self-care, body awareness and massage as a process of shared communication.

Over the years, LaVonda has worked on several wellness events and seminars. She’s worked with local fire departments, church groups, Iverson Plaza Salon, wedding ceremonies, federal employee wellness programs and medical employee rehabilitation center. The individuals she has worked with include people from the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and people seeking a relief of stress and tension from their work.

Personalizing Your Session

LaVonda’s clients say that she makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds!

When you get reflexology with LaVonda, she uses a range of manual techniques, such as thumb- and finger-walking, hook and backup and rotating on a point. With her methods, the neural pathways that link your body’s system are stimulated to support your overall function. As a reflexologist, LaVonda believes that your body is mirrored on your feet and hands through reflexes.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology applies pressure to areas of reflex in your feet. If you have discomfort in a certain area, you likely have stress present. These points are often known as acupressure points. They’re concentrated on your feet, hands and ears and form a reflection of your entire body.

In reflexology, the goal is to balance your body’s systems, which includes addressing all of the following:

  • Respiratory system: asthma, mucus
  • Nervous system: anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches, depression
  • Reproductive system: menstruation, libido, infertility, Balances hormones
  • Digestive system: digestive disorders, improves absorption of nutrients
  • Lymphatic system: the body’s defense against disease and infection
  • Musculoskeletal system: aches/pains, arthritis, backaches, stiff joints
  • Genito-urinary system: bladder, kidneys.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Our clients can experience a broad array of benefits from reflexology, such as

  • A preventative health care tool
  • Balances the emotions
  • Detoxifies the body of uric acid and Crystalline deposits
  • Encourages the natural healing process
  • Improve circulation

  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Nurtures Relationships
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Revitalizes and energizes the body
  • Stimulates creativity and productivity

Reflexology is rewarding to me because it’s special way to bring together couples, families and friends.

Your Reflexology Session

When you have reflexology, you may notice that the areas addressed feel tender, particularly if you have a sluggish part of your body due to an underlying problem. Though tender, the goal is to help the area function better. You’ll notice a lessening of tension with each session. With regular sessions, chronic or acute conditions can be alleviated. We recommend reflexology in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Reflexology is designed to reduce tension and boost relaxation in body, mind and spirit. In turn, your body can heal itself. It’s also made to remove any blockages in your energy pathways, called Chi. Energy can then freely flow in your body, improving blood circulation, increasing lymphatic detoxication and improving your energy.

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