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Acupuncture at Health Center of Hillsborough

Acupunture on man

Acupuncture is older than China!

Acupuncture has been used for over 5000 years, apparently for pain relief and improved function.

The Tyrolean Iceman, “Ötzi”, is the well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived about 5200 years ago during Copper Age Europeans. Ötzi had a total of 61 tattoos probably for pain relief treatments similar to acupressure or acupuncture. Although there is some evidence that China had acupuncture around then, this is at least 2,000 years before any proof of use in China, earlier then 1000 BCE. Amazingly, similar early tattoos have been found on mummies in Peru, Chile and Siberia! Photographs and drawings of this can be found at The Lancet Vol 354 September 18th 1999.

What Is Acupuncture?

Modern acupuncture is a modality called “Chinese Medicine.” Even thousands of years ago it was used with herbs, diet, spinal manipulation, emotional, physical and spiritual support. It is used to circulate blood and energy in the body back to its proper flow. Circulation is imperative for our bodies to heal and flourish. Energy and blood stagnation lead to malaise and dis-ease.

How is Acupuncture Performed?

Virtually pain-free, sterile, single-use, filiform (closed bore) needles are inserted through the skin to connect with meridians or energy channels. Upon connection with these channels, energy can be tonified or dispersed. Tonification is done to bring energy to a certain area of the body and dispersion is to take energy away from an area of the body.

When is Acupuncture Used?

This modality is widely used for pain management, but can actually be used on everything from internal medicine disorders and anesthesia to stress relief. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in many areas of the world, long before the relatively new Western Medicine was an option. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are wonderful compliments in conjunction with Western Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Veteranary and the other healing modalities. We are so fortunate to have access to this in this day and age.

Meet Our Acupuncture Practitioner

Dr. Paul Aaron, DC, has been certified since 1983 to treat with acupuncture along with chiropractic, cold laser and other modalities.

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