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Massage Therapy at Health Center of Hillsborough

Hot stone massageAt Health Center of Hillsborough, we’re pleased to offer massage therapy on-site. It serves as a fantastic complement to chiropractic care and our other forms of natural healing. Whether you’ve been a massage patient for years or have never had one before, we’ll help you to feel comfortable and fully informed before getting started.

Our Massage Techniques

When you have your massage with us, we may utilize different techniques depending on what is most appropriate for you. We’ll also tailor what we’re doing to your preferences, ensuring that you’re comfortable. The most common techniques we use include

  • Swedish massage. This type of massage uses long strokes to smooth your muscles into relaxation. Often, this form of massage is coupled with energy work.
  • Therapeutic massage. We’ll work out your aches and pains and may add stretches to optimize your results. Hot stones may be utilized along with massage oil or cream and advanced Tachyonized Technologies bars.
  • Hot stone basalt massage. Smooth, river-washed stones are heated, then applied to your body to melt your discomfort away. It’s relaxing and deeply therapeutic while increasing your blood circulation and promoting detoxification.
  • Injury relief. Our advanced Tachyon Technologies provide an energy form to your body to alleviate your injury. We also use crystal healing, energy work, sound healing and psycho-kinetic processes.
  • Reflexology. This technique works mostly through your feet. Using specific points associated with a reflex, we can address the meridians of the body. We may also include the reflex points in your hands and ears during a session. Read more about Reflexology here »
  • Lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is an effective technique to help boost lymph flow. This type of massage can increase immunity, improve skin health and much more. Read more about Lymphatic drainage massage here »

Meet Our Massage Therapist

Our Licensed Massage Therapists on staff, Lyneah Marks will use a broad array of techniques to make sure that you get the results you want.

Our Certified Chiropractic Assistant (CCA) Ebony Vinson, is a phenomenon. In Dr. Aaron’s words, “Her half-hour specific workup is worth an hour and a half of most anyone else giving a massage!”

Call Us Today

If you’ve been looking for a way to relax and get rid of your stress, there is no better option. Contact us now to schedule your massage Hillsborough!

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