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That is how people describe our office and you are welcome. You are part of our professional family. Patients have input here and we listen.

First Visit

First visit? Please sign in for a new patient hour.

Auto accident, Nutritional Evaluation, Weight Issues are an hour and a quarter. Let us know when making your appointment.



Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits are usually scheduled for 45 minutes but don’t always take that long:

Acupuncture? Relaxing & pleasant, our acupuncture uses totally sterile one-use needles that are finer than most human hair, typically feeling like a light touch. Patients should wear loose clothing.

Massage, Yoga, Qigong, Personal Training Pregnancy, Headache issues? Let us know ahead.


With reluctance, we ask everyone vaccinate or be tested two-three days before appointments. Why? The Health Center has some patients who are too vulnerable to illness. We need to take care for them.

Yesterday, I was thinking about Omicron. Could I scoop up all those little Omicrons and discharge them? Amongst all the Omicrons will one larger, monster Omicron variant appear, having the ability to create grave illness? Waiting to find out could be disastrous. Meanwhile a fly got into my kitchen. Before I knew it there were 20 flies. One fly was hardly a problem, but amongst the 20, I noticed a larger fly. I wondered if that was a genetic monster variant. I caught them all and discharged them. I must stop Omicrons like stopping flies. I will not wait to see if one of those is a monster Omicron variant that makes people sicker as the delta variant does. Omicron is infecting more people more quickly. If you infect more people, the virus infecting those people has the opportunity to split off into more variants. At anytime, a new, even more deadly variant could appear. Unlike current variants, it may not be killed off by vaccination or even by strengthening the immune system. And remember, the more virus infections there are, the more variants they create.

Vaccines and Covid testing is now free, quick and available.

Like viruses, flies duplicate themselves. The more flies there are, the more flies are created. The more viruses there are, the more viruses are created. The more viruses duplicate, the greater the chance that they create a genetic variant. Omicron seems not as deadly, but infecting more people more quickly. If you infect more people, the virus infecting those people has the opportunity to split off into more dangerous variants. The number of COVID-19 infections has increased 23% in the last week.

Want to read more? Go on.

Really, is it possible to strengthen your immune system so that you are resistant to any virus? It is my learned opinion that building your immune system cannot be a wrong decision whether or not it actually stops transmission and illness from this specific virus. Many chiropractors and other doctors are quite knowledgeable on how to build the immune system. Give us a call.

How about this?

Like viruses, there are variants of love and hate. The variants of hate are anger, fear and war. The variants of love are compassion, generosity, productivity and care, supporting our actual physical body, mind and spirit, building a strong immune system.

Any living thing may be captured by caring love, by greed, by hate or by a virus. Hate, love and viruses all spread by infecting people and by creating variants. Love and it’s variants could prevent sharing any viruses. Imagine Grandpa had a heart attack. Now can you imagine doctors and nurses operating on Grandpa without a mask? Grandpa might catch a bacteria from the doctor. A surgical nurse might catch a disease from the patient.

I thank God for teaching us sanitary hygiene in the hospitals, washing hands, wearing gowns. Don’t be a hater. Be a lover through simple devices such as using soap and warm water, masking over your nose properly and maintaining distance. Would you go to a doctor who did not? Yes of course we must show care by simple behavioral actions. Always be caring around other people to stop transmitting it with help from love’s mask, love’s vaccine, love’s Covid test and strengthening our immune system.

So, read these last paragraphs please:

Over 200 important scientific journals and over 90% of the world’s greatest Einsteins, our personal physicians, our Nobel prize winning scientist researchers, all say that we must do this in order to stop the transmission of some diseases. Masking during surgery saves lives. We vaccinate to stop measles and polio.

George Washington would not have won our war without inoculating soldiers to stop the spread of smallpox. The following link is to the federal government’s Library of Congress itself. There is no question about its reliability. Follow the truth. Don’t follow myths. It would be impossible for so many brilliant minds in the health field to be fooled into thinking that the virus is just a hoax. Spreading of fears and myths has always been around as in great quantity during World War II. Fear mongers fought against the polio vaccine and I personally know polio survivors who later in their lives had a return of polio symptoms. Because of these diseases we must take great care to stop killing our grandparents and giving disease to our children. Long covid affects many people who get the disease for the rest of their lives. This could have the effect of weakening our potential soldiers as they grow into an age where they can’t protect us or to have the ability to think clearly and wisely, their brains affected by this terrible disease.

So for an appointment here, this doctor for one begs of you to follow our dictate and keep me from the illness of this pandemic so that at 81, I can continue to serve individuals in need.

May you live for many years free of Covid,

Dr. Paul Aaron, DC

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    Do you accept Aetna insurance?

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