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Foot trouble? No problem. We fix them.

Believe it or not flat feet can cause neck pain. How? RSVP, since lunch will be provided, to our discussion at the Hillsborough Public Library on October 10th at 12 pm. We will also discuss text neck and Cell Phone Radiation


Cell phone radiation may be a problem. The solution is below.

The world health organization finds more brain cancer in areas where there is more cellphone use.

Studies now show there is diminished sperm cell count where there is more cell phone use.
Because of these studies, one city passed a law that companies must let the customer know about the radiation. The Berkeley California law passed through the court challenges successfully.

Erchonia made a simple Radiation-Absorbing Antenna with a small LED, called the R2L for $29.99 We sell it for $27.99.

In order to make sure people reduce their radiation exposure, the Health Center is discounting the R2L, but also giving away an R2L to a family in need for every 10 we sell so that children playing online games are safe.

The back story: After careful review of the various devices designed to reduce risk, the Erchonia Corporation saw that reflecting radiation away from the phone simply reflected radiation to the person or to someone else, for example, someone in the family. As a result, . The R2L antenna is thin and light. It easily tapes on to the back of your cell phone above the cell phone antenna, where radiation is strongest. Up to 70% of the cellphone radiation is caught by the R2L antenna. The radiation is used then like an electric charge to light the LED. Just like a battery, the radiation charge is used up when it lights up the light. What better way could there be to get rid of excess radiation. It is gone. Now you know you have a much safer cell phone.


Six Questions About Cellphone Radiation and Your Health

Research now shows cell phone radiation is real and dangerous.

While research on the effects of Wi-Fi and cellphone radiation on our health is ongoing,
it is prudent to reduce your exposure by increasing distance from the phone.

Erchonia has created a scientifically proven way to cut back on the radiation.
The R2L reduces cell phone radiation up to 70% and does not interfere with call Quality.

Call us at 919-241-5032 for more information or to purchase.
The device is certified by two independent testing labs using the only legitimate method of measuring cell phone radiation recognized by every major health authority and government in the world as well as the cell phone industry itself referred to as “SAR,” specific absorption rate.


Erchonia Advanced Low-Level “Cold” Laser Now Available
at the Health Center of Hillsborough

Pain relief using the gentle, deep tissue advanced Erchonia Cold Laser


Electronic Healing Wraps

Did you sprain your ankle (your shoulder or your back) playing basketball with your son or daughter?
Dr. Aaron has a friend who injured her wrist, she discovered a wrist wrap that gave her a great deal of relief.

Health Center of Hillsborough can now supply you with these premier electronic healing wraps for each joint in your body
including the spine, at a price less than Amazon!

Call now to speak with Dr. Aaron to see if the Health Center of Hillsborough can help you. (919) 241-5032


Standard Process

Purification Shake

“Purification is also available non-dairy, Made from rice protein”


Not all sunscreens are safe for children.

Some contain worrisome ingredients or don’t provide adequate protection from the sun.