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Meet Lyneah Marks, LMBT #647

Lyneah Marks, Health Center of Hillsborough Massage TherapistFinding Her Path

Lyneah was drawn to conscious energetic healing after a near-death experience that occurred in 1976. The experience led to her forming an energy healing and massage practice, vibrational techniques and soul integration, which includes past life regression work.

The many healing techniques Lyneah knows are taught in a class setting and teleseminars. She has a BS in Psychology and German and an MA in Science Education and has been a hospice volunteer since 1994. Lyneah is also an author, having published Thirsting for a Raindrop.

Bringing Global Experience to Our Community

With a passion for health, healing and happiness, Lyneah strives to assist her clients to achieve each of these aspects. She is a natural intuitive and uses her many trainings to create customized sessions for every client. Along with hot stone and other massage techniques, she works with energy healing work, reflexology and soul integration.

Her business, Body, Soul & Angels, has been serving people around the globe since 1996. The many places that Lyneah has worked include North Carolina, Arizona, Virginia, California, France and Panama.

When Should You See Lyneah?

There are many reasons that it may be your time to visit Lyneah. If things aren’t making sense, you feel out of balance, you ache or want your energy attuned, she may have the ideal solution for you. Don’t think that you have to feel stuck or unable to move forward on your life’s path. If you feel that someone is doing something to you for no reason, she might be able to help you.

*Note: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Lyneah will not be seeing patients in the office. However sessions over the phone are available.

Contact Health Center of Hillsborough today to schedule your time with Lyneah!

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