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Prices at Health Center of Hillsborough

I believe what’s in your wallet should not get in the way of healthcare. We are required to have you bring paystub’s or tax returns and expense information in order to give discounts.

Sliding scale discounts available.

Chiropractic Care $49.50 – $54.00
Acupuncture $49.50 – $54.00
Cranial $49.50 – $54.00
New Patient Visit* $142 or $90
*New patient visits can be discounted, but usually cost more than $29.95 because we take about an hour to really get to understand your needs. We care for you as an individual not as a billing statement.
Foot Care
Foot scan free
Other care fair pricing depending on the extent of the problem
Taping with instruction $5 – $18
Rehab – exercise $5 – $45
Cold Laser $49.50
Microbiome Test kit $189.99
Other Services
Hypnotherapy – Call Lee Needham
Soul Integration – Call Lyneah Marks
Nutrition – Call Carole Hoffman
Yoga & Qigong Price for your particular need
Massage Therapy
Call Jo | Call Shannon
15min $45
30min $70
45min $90
60min $115
90min $165


Prices at Health Center of Hillsborough | (919) 241-5032