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COVID-19 And Flu Can Lower Mental Ability

Historians believe that President Wilson’s mental lapses at the end of World War I were caused by the Spanish Flu. This led directly to Hitler coming into power. Wilson thought we should not punish Germany for WW1, but to help them revise the country into peacefulness. During negotiations he fell sick with the flu and never was able to use his former immense mental ability to win his point. As a result Germany was devastated financially. Germany then backed Hitler who promised to bring Germany back into power. It is the motto that ugliness causes ugliness: sickness with the flu left the world with ugly, angry behavior towards Germany leading to poverty and to the backing of Hitler.

The United States ignored the Spanish Flu until it finally attacked the president of the United States and had its consequences in mental decay and inappropriate behavior. Is it possible that we will be seeing more childish three-year-old tantrum behavior in adults simply due to the fact of COVID-19 driving mentally ugly behavior?

It is enough that we are seeing 1 death per 1000 US population, but we are also seeing deterioration of mental abilities. We are quickly approaching the 3 deaths per 1000 of the 1918 Spanish flu. In 1918 there were no treatments but why so many deaths now? As with that flu the number sick escalated so quickly that no one could keep up with the number of dead.

In 1918 Philadelphia, many people thought that wearing masks curtailed their freedom.14,000 people died within days of people crowded at a parade.

Will the vaccine save us?

Eventually. But what can best help you to maintain or increase your health right now?

A small impact of the vaccine on deaths in the United States will first be felt about April. Today you must get behind the mask. I laud President Trump for creating the warp speed program but we have to stay alive until it is effective.

Meanwhile, of all the gifts you can give this holiday season, quite literally, being alive is this year’s best gift. Health is the most important of all, because with that you can have everything. It’s funny that with all the science behind vaccines, it’s really the simple mask that will keep us alive until manufacturing and distribution can catch up. So get behind the mask. You staying well may keep all of us from passing this disease on to each other.

The impact of the vaccine will not be felt for some time. When it is, we only know that several months down the track, it will protect the individual statistically at 95% but we do not know if it will stop an individual from passing it on to someone else, or if the individual will be prevented from getting sick in the future, especially before the 2nd dose.

Handwashing seems so simplistic too, but the structure of this virus is particularly susceptible to soap and water. Just as soap gets grease off a frying pan, it gets the virus off your skin. Wash, get behind the mask, distance and use properly designed nutritional supplementation. Build your immune system to love your disease ’til it dies… and you survive. Build your immune system and you may very well survive this pandemic.

Who reading this watches television?!

Every business these days says they are number one.

Really! We at the Health Center of Hillsborough honestly believe that the 500-acre family organic farm who produces our nutritional supplements has the number one remedy for what ails you.

What is the number one way to increase the strength of our immune system? Nutritional supplements from an organic farm have less chance of giving you toxins as part of the remedy; no artificial colors, sweeteners, anti-caking cyanide (yes that’s a real thing!) And if you don’t believe it, just check your salt container to see if it has yellow prussiate of soda, which includes cyanide as part of its compound. Do you think that will increase the strength of your immune system? Hopefully, instead, it has Magnesium carbonate or cornstarch to stop it from caking.

And iodine in many salts is sweetened by sugar. Not as bad as cyanide, but still something to watch out for.

Ask us at for a link to our Systems Survey to determine what supplements can best help you with maintaining or increasing your health. Or just call us at 919-241-5032.

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