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Do Detoxes Work?

There are a lot of different ways you can detox, but you might be asking yourself, does any of it actually work? Where’s the proof? I’m glad you asked.

On one side of the spectrum, detoxification programs have been found to help individuals with chronic diseases (like high blood pressure and diabetes). In one study done in 1995, researchers tested whether a medical food-supplemented detox program would cut down the symptoms of chronically ill individuals. Some patients were given a medical food supplement that was supposed to give them nutritional support for stomach and intestinal issues and liver detoxification, along with a calorie-controlled diet that was designed to have the least possible risk of allergic reaction. For comparison, other patients were just put on a calorie-controlled diet that had the least possible risk of allergic reaction.

The research shows that detoxes can help those with chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, or no illnesses at all.

The supplemented detox program worked for a lot of people. The researchers found that the patients in the medical food supplement group experienced a 52% reduction in symptoms over 10 weeks, compared to 22% in the other group. So, certain detox programs can help people with chronic illnesses reduce their symptoms.

Detox programs can also be beneficial for acute illnesses. In 1989, researchers used a detox program to help firemen who were exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from a fire and explosion. The program had the men on a medically supervised diet, exercise regimen, and sauna treatment. According to tests conducted after the detox, the men showed improvement on memory and IQ tests (block design), visual attention and task switching tests (trails B), and detecting embedded figures. In the end, the researchers found that a detox intervention program could reverse the effects of an acute illness, like exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Finally, some research that we can all relate to – how a detox program can benefit someone with no diseases. In a study from 2000, researchers tested a 7-day detox program on 25 disease-free participants. They were put on a hypoallergenic diet, given a medical food supplement, and drank at least 2 quarts of filtered water every day. They were also given guidelines on what foods they could and could not eat during the 7-day span. At the end of the week, researchers found that the participants experienced a decrease in negative symptoms of poor health and an overall improved sense of well-being. All of that means that detox programs can even be beneficial for those without any diseases or illnesses.

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic disease, a short-term illness, or no illness at all, a good detox program is right for you.

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Have you done a detox program before? Tell us if it worked or not in the comments below!

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