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The Best Reason To See A Chiropractic Physician After An Accident

Not a fiction

car-accidentThe following is based on a combination of three real patients who I cared for this and last month. The only changes made were to protect the patients’ privacy. The patients are doing well now.

Hit by a car as a pedestrian in November, 2016, Clarence, a 28-year-old, was taken right to the ER. He was pretty banged up, diagnosed with a mild concussion and a pulled muscle in his mid back. The concussion had been considered mild enough to be untreated. He was given meds for his back. A second visit to the ER did not turn up anything new.

On February 2, 2017 he came to see me. Concussion symptoms were still present. The back was still painful.

I have a great deal of respect for modern medicine. When you have a serious accident, it is important to go to both the ER and a chiropractic physician who is trained in working with serious accidents for evaluation. So what was going on? Why would a person have even mild concussion symptoms ongoing? Why would a person be in pain from a pulled muscle three and a half months after an accident? And do you know that symptoms are sometimes the last thing to show up and that may be years later.

I was concerned. All health providers now know that even a mild concussion needs to be treated seriously. I have my patients with concussions take a very special kind of rest break just as they did in the NBA in the finals last year and the NFL with quarterback Cam Newton who said that he had to stop rushing the recovery process.

In regards to the back pain, I had Clarence stand and face away from me with his shirt off. Instead of his back being straight up and down, it was like an old country road with curves right and left. He didn’t recall anyone ever telling him that his back was crooked, certainly not in the ER. I didn’t believe there were any fractures because when I tapped on his spine, there was no excess pain. There are many very gentle forms of chiropractic. If light touch chiropractic would not relieve the pain, I would consider sending him for x-rays. I believe that when he was thrown to the ground the bones of the spine were twisted out of place. How does the spine twist out of place?

The body has this miraculous arrangement where the bones are moved by muscles, but it is ligaments that hold the bones one to the other. When the body is twisted violently, the ligaments can get torn or stretched, allowing the bones to stay out of place. Chiropractors help their patients get back in place, untwisted. Taking the twist out of the body allows you to feel good and to function well.

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