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Vitamins, Supplements and Minerals: Should you be Taking Them?

Why Take Supplements/Vitamins?

Although our diets are the most important, supplements, minerals, and vitamins are used to fill in the holes.

Vitamins, supplements and minerals can be used to fill the holes in our diets.

Vitamins, supplements and minerals can be used to fill the holes in our diets.

Oh yes, there were good old days when the earth was fertile from composting unused foods back into it. Back then, we had a multitude of common minerals like Iron, and “trace minerals” like selenium that gave our bodies the nutrients we just can’t get from most organic earth today. It has been “plowed under,” losing the benefits that it used to give to us.

In addition, if you’re a picky eater, allergic to certain foods, undergoing medical treatment, or don’t have the time to eat like you should, help from a professional in considering what specific supplement to use could be useful. The Health Center has a registered dietitian, Veronica Verhoff, on staff. Don’t hesitate to contact her through our website.

All of our bodies are different; some of us need more of certain nutrients because of how our bodies are made. You may want to take a supplement if you find that your body is just not absorbing enough of certain nutrients naturally, even though you’re eating enough of the right foods.

Some nutrients that you can get from supplements and vitamins can help prevent or treat certain health conditions. We know that some vitamins (A, C, and E) contain antioxidants that are great for your health, and taking iron supplements or B12 can help with iron-deficiency or other anemias.

You also might only need to take supplements or vitamins during certain times in your life, like during pregnancy (iron and/or folic acid), infancy or too much time indoors (vitamin D), or elderly age (Calcium and vitamin D, etc.).

Where should I get them?

Dr. Aaron keeps a stock of healthy nutritional supplements at the Health Center. He ensures the supplements are purchased from reputable brands that are known for products that are clean, effective, and transparent in their ingredients. Dr. Aaron recommends companies like Apex Energetics, Gaia Herbs, and Standard Process, whose products can be found at the Health Center. Standard process, in particular, sends the Health Center a copy of an outside lab certification of their ingredients on a regular basis. Ms. Verhoff has extensive training in working with natural foods and supplements.

Stores such as Weaver Street Market and Whole Foods have quality supplements and sometimes have people to guide you there.

Supplements and vitamins cannot replace the nutrients and fiber healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can give you. The best way to fill the holes in your diet is to find out what you’re missing and learn what healthy foods will get you what you need. When that doesn’t work, you should then turn to supplements and vitamins. Remember that supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as foods, not drugs. The labels may claim to have certain health benefits, but they have not been evaluated as other drugs have in terms of effectiveness. On the other hand, foods, such as the ones we use as our natural supplements, have been around for as long as humankind. We know the effectiveness of foods very well. Use your best judgment when you decide to try one out.

What are your favorite vitamins/supplements? Let us know in the comments below!

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