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Corona Virus and Your Immune System's Strength

Woman with flu and bear toyHow do you feel about the Corona virus and your immune system’s strength? What would you do to keep well in the light of this vicious virus? What would you do to keep yourself from even getting colds or from getting rid of colds when you get them without putting more toxins in your body? I mean, really now, I really want to hear from you. Call, txt or email me with your questions, statements or concerns.

Of course, young people who work to maintain good health tend to be less vulnerable to disease! So at 79 I work to be younger every day. How? My particular branch in the world of health practitioners is to help you be so well that an attack on your health cannot easily put you down.

In my practice we get down to the basics of how to live, supporting our families and communities to enjoy what we have been given in this life. Yes, there are other concerns in the world but being alive and healthy is a priority. As a doctor, this is what I do.

The Immune System is a series of organs in the body that work together to keep us healthy. How can each of us build our strongest immune system in order to have our bodies resist diseases when they come in our vicinity? Or to get rid of them when we get sick?

What We Do

Among other fields of healing, at the Health Center we work with what to do when you do get sick; how to utilize the exact right herbal combinations effectively diet; can help you to choose what to buy and what to leave on the shelves in the store. That’s our job. Of course, there are many others who have this kind of knowledge. Use someone knowledgeable in your needs. It’s a good first approach. Advanced scanning of the bottom of the feet is available for free to anyone in order to see if there is an imbalance in the arches which can then throw the whole body off into an irregular sway pattern.

Do not hesitate to go to your medical doctor for drugs when necessary. We all know that sometimes pharmaceuticals or surgery is the answer, but it is so much better to get well naturally and so often that can be done. It’s like shaving years off our time lines, younger people surviving these viruses much better than the aged. Myself? Yes, I do my best to have my body function as it did 60 years ago. Working to get younger every day, I can help you to do the same. Of course, it is vital to wash hands and to keep your sniffles to yourself, but in addition, the food you eat and the care you take of yourself can keep you well.

Last month I wrote about 4 simple behaviors that could keep us well. If you did not get to see that half-page article in the News of Orange County, a month ago, you can also get it on our website or you can simply request it at the Health Center of Hillsborough (919) 241-5032. When I look back on those 4 it is simply how people have maintained health in their lives over generations. Why does the Health Center have so many different practitioners? It’s the same as a hospital. Each practitioner has his or her own special knowledge, training, talent and personal approach. You could call it a good bedside manner just as you have at UNC or Duke hospital. And I am so thankful to be in a community that has these great hospitals and so many individual practitioners available to us.

This is why we have many different fields of healing at the Health Center: I will teach you the exercises that I do as part of Yoga Therapy and QiGong. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a corrective exercise specialist, our Health Center Physical Therapist, Stephen Helton, was amazingly good enough to bring me back into good function following a bicycle accident last March. Of course, each of our practitioners has greater detail about their work on our website.

Our Team

Our Chiropractic Physician, Alexandrea Lyon, was amazingly good enough to put my misaligned bones back where they belong following the accident. She changed my body with massage along with her Chiropractic adjustments, the combination reducing pain and keeping me off the opioids that were prescribed at the hospital. She teaches that studies show that in countries where people maintain close friendships and family throughout their lives that they stay well and live longer. Be part of our community here in Hillsborough.

We have two fabulous massage therapists, whose techniques are listed on our website, Lyneah Marks who also works in the field of soul Integration and Vickie Giangregoio Who works in lymphatic balancing as well as quantum crystalline energy, and a licensed acupuncturist, Courtney Salamone. They are good enough to calm the raging muscular and nervous systems, which often try to figure out why there is so much change in this body.

Our hypnotherapist, Lee Needham, is good enough to get the mind and body to come together for more advanced healing.

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